Narva castle January 2018

Narva castle January 2018

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Ben Crawshaw is an artist based in Glasgow and Kendal UK. He is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and attended Berlin University of the Arts as an exchange student. His works project energy which is expressed through line, colour and space, deliberately testing the potential of different artistic media by transforming conventional iconography and processes. The paintings often depict winding, twisted traces, indicating figurative elements and fragments of landscape. They instinctively reference sources such as Situationism and Abstract Expressionism and attempt to distill the intensity of momentary experiences in real life settings. A recent series of canvases and silkscreen prints explore the relationship between manuality and digitally reproduced imagery by layering painting over fractured graphic representations of nature or the body.

In 2017/18, Ben was an artist in residence at Narva Art Residency, Estonia.